Vosges Mountains 1914-1918

A Guided Tour to the Highlights of Mountain Warfare in the Vosges Mountains, the Hartmannsweiler- and Linge-Kopf

The Alsace region is situated just at the franco-german border. By that, its history is strongly linked to these of France and Germany and culminated in the last fights 1945 at the end of the Second World War.

But, especially the fight during the First World War left countless well-hidden remnants and traces inside the woods of the Vosges Mountains.

Markus lived for nearly three years in the Alsace region and he spent nearly every free minute exploring and discovering what is still visible from the combats that took place more than hundred years ago.

This tour brings you to the Hartmannsweiler-Kopf, to the Linge-Kopf and other highlights in the Vosges region. The ferocious fights here had been conducted under terrible conditions in a high-mountain landscape that make these battlefields very unique.

The length of this trip is depending on your availability and your ideas. It could take from six hours to several days.