Markus‘ Books in Home Edition

These books have been self-published by Markus Klauer.
All are written in German.

Two deal with the deadly fighting on Verdun’s left bank, two are WW1 Western Front battlefield tour guides, and one is an exchange of letters between two German soldiers and their family members in Bavaria during WW1. If you are interested in more details, click on the book and you will be redirected to the German homepage.

Markus Klauer "Die Höhe Toter Mann"
Die Höhe Toter Mann (31,95 Euro)
Markus Klauer "Die Höhe 304"
Die Höhe 304 (33,95 Euro)
Markus Klauer "Militärgeschichtlicher Reiseführer Flandern und Nordfrankreich"
Reiseführer Westfront 1 (33,95 Euro)
Markus Klauer "Militärgeschichtlicher Reiseführer Lothringen und Elsass"
Reiseführer Westfront 2 (33,95 Euro)
Markus Klauer "Eine Familiengeschichte in Briefen"
Eine Familiengeschichte in Briefen (22,95 Euro)