Markus Klauer – Author, Historian and Tour Guide

European History thrills me for more than 35 Years

During spring 1983 I came for the first time in contact with the battlefields of the First World War in France – at Verdun! Up to this moment, I had only a very vague vision on the facts and details of this bloody part of European’s history.Markus Klauer during a guided tour

These days I spent at Verdun and on the battlefields left a permanent impression and just after being back home I started profound researches on the circumstances of these fights. 

From this time on, some friends and I returned on a regular basis to Verdun to intensify our studies. 

Since the early 1990th, I assisted several regional centres and bodies in explaining Verdun’s history and promoting it. On November 11 2019, the city of Verdun recognized my unselfish engagement with the award of the great bronze medal of Verdun. This great honour came absolutely unexpected and I never hoped for.

Decoration of Markus Klauer

During the last years I am focusing more on the Second Word War and its battlefields in Western Europe. This subject had been in the middle of my interest before I got in touch with the Verdun battlefield for years.

Already in 1995 I started guiding military and civil groups (American, British, German and multinational) over the different battlefields including organising and conducting several military staff rides in Europe and Turkey (Gallipoli).

It is always a great pleasure to me to talk about my passion and to discuss and exchange about European history and my personal experiences.