Markus Klauer – Author, Historian and Tour Guide

Fascinated with European History for more than 35 Years!

In Spring 1983 I had my first contact with the First World War battlefields in France — at Verdun!  Up to this moment, I had only a very vague notion of the facts and details of this bloody part of European history.

Markus Klauer during a guided tour

The days I spent on the Verdun battlefield made a profound impression on me and, upon my return home, I began to study the battle more closely.

From this time on, friends and I would return regularly to Verdun to intensify our studies.

Beginning in the early 1990s I became active in several regional associations and government entities dedicated to explaining Verdun’s history and to promoting visits to the battlefield.  On November 11, 2019 the City of Verdun recognized my decades-long engagement by awarding me the Bronze Medal of Verdun.  This was an honor that I did not expect!

Decoration of Markus Klauer

During the last several years my attention has returned to the Second World War battlefields in Western Europe.  I had been interested in these battlefields long before my engagement with Verdun.

In 1995 I started guiding military and civilian groups (American, British, German and multinational) over the different battlefields.  This included organizing and conducting several military staff rides in Europe and Turkey (Gallipoli).

It is always a great pleasure for me to talk about my passion, to discuss European history and to share my personal knowledge and battlefield experience with others.