Vauquois 1914-1918

Dive with this trip deep into History and inside the underground Galleries, the Trenches and Fortifications on both Sides of the huge Mine Craters of Vauquois Hill

This site of the Great War is absolutely unique. Even today more than ten kilometres of German and French underground galleries still exist. Trenches, fortifications and the underground systems are well maintained by a French association and definitively worth to see.

At Vauquois hill the mine-warfare started already at the end of 1914. First, some hundreds of kilograms of explosives had been blown up creating minor craters. With the evolution of the mine-warfare and the encroachment in deeper and deeper levels, the amount of explosives reached incredible figures. For the largest explosion in Mai 1916 around 60 tons of explosives were used. During the course of the war the little village of Vauquois, initially situated on top of the hill, had been annihilated completely by the explosions.

The craters as a result of the mine-warfare count among the largest at the Western Front and are really exceptional.

The length of this trip is depending on your availability and your ideas. It takes several hours but is dependent on the number of visitors due to the narrow dimensions of the underground galleries.