Guided Tours in Belgium and France

Guided Tours over the Battlefields of the First and Second World War in France and Belgium

On this page you see an overview over the already prepared tours over the battlefields in Western Europe. Apart from these, I offer individual and unique tours according to your specific needs and wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact me asking for your personalised trip.

Beside the sites where the combats took place, military cemeteries, monuments and museums are organic part of most of the tours. Whenever possible, I try to bring you out in the fields on the footsteps of our ancestors.

The fees are dependant to the group, the distance from my hometown and the days you want to spent with me on the ground. Please ask me for further details.

Monument in front of the Bastogne Historical Center
Bulge 1944
Markus Klauer wandert mit einer kleinen Gruppe durch das Waldgebiet der Argonnen
Meuse-Argonne 1918
German fortifications at the Lower Rehfelsen at the Hartmannsweilerkopf
Vosges Mountains 1914-18
Ossuary of Verdun with French Military Cemetery
Verdun 1916
36. (Basque) Division's Monument at the Edge of the Dames' Path
Dames' Path 1914-18
Canadian Monument on top of the Vimy Ridge
Loretto & Vimy Ridge 1915-17
Inside the German part of the underground Galleries of Vauquois
Vauquois 1914-18
Nachgebautes amerikanisches Landungsboot am Utah-Beach
Normandy 1944
French Char B1 Bis at Stonne
Sedan 1940
British Memorial to the Missing Menin Gate
Flanders Fields 1914-18
Denkmal der 38. (walisischen) Division am Mametz Wood
Somme & Cambrai 1916-18
French Monument from 69th Infantry Division at Dead Man's Hill
Dead Man's Hill 1914-18
German Monument in the middle of the Heckhoff Camp
Champagne East 1914-18