Verdun 1916

Discover Verdun on the Footsteps of the French and German Military and follow them crossing this inimitable Battlefield

Verdun stands for one of the most barbarous battles ever. After 10 month of horrible fighting the war had never been as it was before! The best way to understand this complex subject-matter is to ask somebody who knows this battlefield for more than 35 years as Markus does.

This trip will bring you to the most important sites all over the battlefield on the Eastern bank of the Meuse River. A short walk crossing the heart of the combat zone is a good supplement to dive really into the reality how the military lived it more than 100 years ago.

The battle of Verdun opened on February 21 1916. During 300 days, the Germans gained firstly several kilometres and stroke the French forces severely. But, after the initial success further progress became more and more resources consuming. French and German divisions suffered and burned to dust within some weeks.

Two large scaled French attacks pushed the Kaiser’s army nearly completely back to its jump-off line. Until Mid-December 1916, when the battle finally ended, both armies had lost close to 250,000 dead and nearly 500,000 wounded, gazed or for ever disappeared men.

But this battlefield is also a place of reconciliation between the French and German Nations. Every year different commemorations and celebrations occur that peoples from both countries solemnise together.

The journey is depending on your availability and your ideas. It could take from six hours to several days.