Markus Klauer

German historian and author Markus Klauer is offering individual and personalized tours to the First and Second World War battlefields in Western Europe.

On this website you will find information about Markus’ tours, the books he has published and information to help you organize your own pilgrimage to the battlefields.

For the third year in 2023, I am offering several American-German Battlefield Tours together with American company, Knee Deep into History. WW2 tours will include the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge) and Normandy. WW1 tours will include the Meuse-Argonne and St.-Mihiel, Verdun and Flanders Fields and the Somme. Explore these battlefields with us and experience both sides of the story. We would love to have both German and American participants on these tours!
Winter 2023 is the third season that we have offered online seminars about key WW2 and WW1 battles. Please look at our schedule here:
  • Markus Klauer bei einem Vortrag in Fulda
    Markus during a Presentation at Fulda