Sedan 1940

Follow the path the German panzers took in May 1940 during their blitz into France. In three days, they crossed the Ardennes Mountains and surprised the French defenders at Sedan.

During this trip you will follow in the footsteps of Guderian’s panzers and infantry, starting at the German border and ending at the village of Stonne, south of Sedan.  In a matter of hours on May 10, 1940 the forces of the 1st German Armored Division overwhelmed the Luxembourg defense forces and crossed the nearly impassible Ardennes Mountains in Belgium.

Three days later, and after a rapid advance of over 170 kilometers (105 miles), the German forces reached the Meuse River at Sedan, France.  Once more they took the defenders by surprise, crossed this impressive obstacle and collapsed the entire French defensive system.

Soon after, the German armor encountered heavy French tanks for the first time.  This brought them close to disaster.  The culmination of these actions happened around the small village of Stonne, which changed hands 17 times in three days.

A lot of remains are still visible along the roads used by the German panzers in May 1940.  Most of the German and French concrete bunkers are still in place, and even tanks and guns have been left as memorials.

Tour length and geography can vary based on client availability, interest level and physical ability.  Tour length can last from six hours to several days to explore this operation in depth.